Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We will continue in our lessons on how to pray and receive answers to our prayer each time we pray.
The first step is to ask for what you want from God in Jesus Name as we have explained in the earlier lessons. When you have asked what then should you do next? Let’s look at Mark 11: 24 again

Mark 11: 24

Therefore I say to you, whatever thing you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. NKJV

When you have asked God for anything, you must then believe that you receive what you ask Him for at the moment you asked. This is the point where many Christians stumble in the process of the prayer of faith. They don’t know they are supposed to believe that they received what they asked God for at the very moment they asked. They want to see what they asked God for before they believe they receive it.
As soon as you ask God for anything you must believe and know that God hears you and that you receive the things you asked for. Many Christians don’t know they are supposed to believe that the answer to their request is provided and that they received it at the very moment they prayed for it.

Let me explain the process so you can understand what happens when you pray for something. The first thing you should know and keep in mind whenever you want to pray or ask God for something is that prayer is a spiritual thing. It is not a physical affair. You cannot see spiritual things physically though they are real. In fact spiritual things are more real than physical ones.

The answer is provided and given you in the spirit realm

This is what happens each time you ask God for something. Let’s say for instance you ask God for a pair of shoes. God hears you and gives the pair of shoes that you ask for in the spirit realm immediately you asked for them. God answers your prayer immediately you prayed to Him. He doesn’t postpone when He will answer your prayer. However, the answer is in the spirit realm. Since you cannot see what is going on in the spirit realm with your physical eyes you may think God has not answered. He has answered. In fact God doesn't delay answering our request from Him. He attends to them immediately we pray.
Again, as we have said, the answer is immediately provided in the spirit realm as soon as you prayed. However, since you can’t physically see it then you have to believe it by faith. Believing that God has answered your prayer is what you need to do since you have prayed for it. You have to first of all believe that God has answered your prayer and that you have also received the answer though you may not be able to see it physically. Believing that you have received your request though you can’t see it is actually the faith part of this process of the prayer of faith. If you fail to believe that you have received what you asked for because you can’t see it then you will be working by sight and not by faith but this prayer process works only by faith. So the faith part is the part that you have to believe that you receive what you request from God though you can’t see it yet. So you must believe that you receive the shoes you asked for though you can’t see any shoes yet.

Believing that you receive whatever you ask for in prayer is very germane to you getting result from your prayer. You have to believe that you receive it before you see it physically.

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